Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot CareIf you suffer from diabetes and do not properly care for the symptoms or your disease, you may inadvertently cause some serious foot problems. However, you can take special precautions in order to maintain healthy feet and to be able to continue walking each day like normal. Although difficult, it is entirely possible to manage your diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Premier Podiatry, we aim to make diabetic foot care as simple and intuitive as possible for our patients.

Daily Foot Care

When on your own, there are a few diabetic foot care habits you can quickly adopt and aim to complete each day. For starters, check your feet and toes, inspecting the tops, sides, and heels in particular. If you find it physically impossible to accomplish a visual inspection, try using a mirror or asking a family member for assistance. Should you discover any sores, redness, blisters, or bruises, contact your doctor immediately.

Next, keep your feet clean, dry, and moisturized. Start by washing your feet regularly. Be sure to use mild soap and warm water, as hot water and harsh soap may damage the skin of your feet and toes.

Healthy Foot Tips

Following daily foot care habits will go a long way towards ensuring your feet and toes remain healthy. Premier Podiatry has a few useful tips when it comes to diabetic foot care:

  • Avoid using antiseptic solutions, as the substance may burn your skin
  • Never use a heating pad or electric blanket on your feet
  • Avoid walking barefoot whenever possible
  • Protect your feet from excessive heat or cold
  • Never attempt to remove calluses, warts, or foot lesions on your own
  • Do not sit with your legs cross or stand in a singular position for extended periods of time

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