Athlete’s Foot Instructions


Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus (tinea rubrum typically) that lives on the skin. A breach in the skin allows the fungus to grow.

  • Often OTC creams work well…lotions/creams for the bottom of the foot OR gels between the toes.
  • The fungus likes it dark and moist. So change socks frequently (at least twice/day) and wear acrylic socks to ‘wick’ moisture away if possible, otherwise cotton socks.
  • Reduce moisture in shoes as much as possible.

Often, Chronic conditions can come from NAIL fungus that reseeds your skin with fungus or shoes that have fungus in them. Even though you KILL it on your skin, you re-expose yourself. Make it a habit for chronics conditions to prevent the reoccurrence.
Do the following more often when initially treating it with a cream then after the infection clears, space out usage to prevent reoccurrence.

  • Apply anti-fungal powder frequently during the week (Zeosorb AF OTC)
  • Spray your shoes down with Lysol and air dry overnight (remove insoles if needed)
  • Use an antiperspirant spray (Right Guard type) or roll-on daily to feet to ‘pucker up’ sweat glands and reduce moisture.
  • OTC but online ‘On Your Toes’ treatment works well at
  • You can soak it when in acute phase with ‘Dome-boro’ soaks OTC.

If these remedies don’t work, methods are available by prescription the further reduce sweat/kill the fungus.
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