Post Op Surgical Instruction



  • Keep bandage clean, dry, and DO NOT REMOVE.
  • No Bathing.
  • The first week is the most important for swelling. Therefore, it is imperative to elevate your foot and minimize walking until your first post-op visit. Only walk for the necessities. Each week your doctor will discuss the appropriate activity level.
  • Spotting of blood on the bandage is normal, if this occurs, simply elevate the foot and reinforce with gauze and tape as needed. This may be a sign of over-walking or lack of elevation.
  • Wear the prescribed boot or surgical shoe at all times. Do not walk at all without the boot.
  • Take all medicine as directed.
  • Ice the exposed skin at the ankle or behind the knee for 15-20 minutes every hour for the first couple days.
  • Wound infections typically occur between the 2-4 day. Be aware of symptoms (fever, nausea, excess pain, or streaking up the leg). Call if warranted.
  • Scar tissue can develop at any time, but especially within the first 3-4 weeks. Post-op compliance will minimize this risk.
  • Vein clots are serious and can occur at any time. Signs include calf swelling, pain, and redness. Can dislodge to lung or heart. Look for shortness of breath, rapid heart rate or pain. Go to the Emergency room immediately then call your doctor immediately if any signs occur.
  • Call the doctor if you are concerned or have additional questions.
  • Remember to keep your scheduled appointment or call to make an appointment within 1 week.

Pontiac Office 1-815-842-6551 (the answering machine will give instructions for after hours).

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