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Custom orthotics & bracing supports are designed for the leg, knee, ankle, and foot. Depending on your specific requirements, we use these tools for a broad range of needs, including both stability and immobilization. Lower extremity orthotics may work independently or in conjunction with one another to offer treatment and help. At Premier Podiatry, we provide you with effective and affordable tools for your recovery. Dr. O’Connor, a board-certified foot surgeon at Premier Podiatry, has performed foot and ankle procedures for countless years. You’re in good hands!


We treat the vast majority of foot and ankle issues without any form of surgery. Instead, an orthotic insert or brace can efficiently improve many foot problems. An orthotics device placed within the shoe that externally modifies the function and overall structure of the foot or ankle can both minimize pain and correct any deformities.

Dynamic digital scans of an actively walking patient allow us to produce an accurate orthotic for their specific needs. When it comes to custom orthotics & bracing, there is no substitute for the quality we can offer.


To correct a deformity of the foot or ankle, our doctors will recommend a medical brace. Typically, off-the-shelf braces are not robust enough to remedy the problem; these are not individualized to address the specific problems that you may be experiencing. As a result, patients need our help. This is why custom orthotics & bracing is so vital to the treatment of foot and ankle issues.

The best brace type will be chosen based on your individual issues. We mold a cast of your foot and ankle to craft the most effective possible brace.

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