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Looking for Physical Therapy in Bloomington, IL?

When you are searching for Physical Therapy in Bloomington IL for your foot or ankle injury or dysfunction, one of your best choices is Dr. O’Connor of Premier Podiatry. Premier Podiatry’s on-site therapy services can provide your physical therapy Bloomington IL.

  • Premier Podiatry was started by Dr. O’Connor and offers podiatry services in Bloomington / Normal, Eureka, and Pontiac.
  • Dr. O’Connor provides physical therapy in his Normal, IL Premier Podiatry office located at 2005 Jacobsen Dr. Suite A in Normal, just a short drive from Bloomington, IL.
  • Physical therapy is an important part of your foot or ankle treatment and helps in recuperation.
  • Dr. O’Connor’s convenient in-house therapy facility is an excellent solution in your search for physical therapy in Bloomington, IL.

An accredited physical therapist works closely with Dr. O’Connor to develop your physical therapy treatment plan. Our physical therapy Bloomington IL facility creates improved outcomes for our patients:

  • Physical therapy is part of most Premier Podiatry treatment plans.
  • Physical therapy will enable you to regain joint mobility, strengthen muscles, add flexibility, and improve balance.
  • The treatment you receive from our physical therapy Bloomington Il facility will help relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent disability.
  • The end goal of physical therapy is to hasten recovery, prevent re-injury and enable the patient to return to normal activities.
  • A positive attitude and a “can-do” spirit to help our patients succeed at physical therapy.


Personalized Physical Therapy Bloomington IL

There is no “one-size fits all” physical therapy at Premier Podiatry. By creating individualized physical therapy plans, we allow patients to work within their abilities so they feel confident as they improve.

  • We understand that each of our patients is unique – that is why we tailor our physical therapy Bloomington IL treatment protocols to each person’s abilities.
  • Recuperation is faster with a physical therapy regime designed specifically for your needs.
  • The therapists at our physical therapy Bloomington IL facility will work with you to reduce your pain and return you to your normal activities.
  • The stretching and strengthening of physical therapy can help you avoid surgery.
  • If you do need surgery, physical therapy treatment may help accelerate your recovery.

If your physical therapy needs involve the feet, legs or ankles, please call and make an appointment with Dr. O‘Connor.

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