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Whether you are an experienced runner, CrossFit enthusiast, Ironman participant, or cycling extraordinaire, we can treat your sports-related injury. Patients injured while participating in any sport tend to be some of the most eager to get back on their feet. Sports-related injuries are also some of the most difficult to treat. Athletes tend to want to continue running, lifting, and getting dirty down in the mud. We in the field of sports medicine want you to do the same – but healing is a process, and it takes time to complete.

Along with more traditional treatment options, such as medications and various injections, we utilize a program specifically designed for the world of sports medicine. For instance, proper shoe selection can be critical to recovery. We may also recommend compounded medications and creams. These non-invasive options can work wonders. Sometimes you will require more specialized treatment, such as K-Laser treatments to stimulate healing and PRP injections. Our patients have had great results from these treatment options. The completion of these procedures occurs in our office alongside the necessary X-rays.

When Do You Need Surgery?

The treatment of the majority of sports-related injuries uses non-surgical options. However, a minuscule percentage of patients may require surgery to solve their foot issues. After a few months of non-surgical treatments, if you continue to experience heel or foot pain, you may need surgery. Your surgeon will discuss these options with you and determine which one would be best suited for your needs.

Long-Term Care

No matter your type of treatment, the underlying cause of your injury may remain after the healing process. Therefore, patients who invest their time in sports may need to continue preventative measures after seeing a foot doctor. Wearing supportive footwear, utilizing proper stretching methods, and acquiring custom orthotic devices are all key components of long-term treatment.

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