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A traumatic injury three ago left me with nerve damage in my feet. The possibility of a treatment that could reduce or eliminate the burning, tingling, and pain in my toes by healing my nerves sounded very appealing. I have had eleven treatment sessions so far and can definitely feel sensations moving through my feet to awaken and stimulate the nerves. Sometimes now I have noticed that my feet aren’t hurting, which motivates me to keep going and follow the protocol for success! Dr. O’Connor and the staff are friendly and encouraging, which has made my experience a pleasant one.

Cindy B.

I would just like to say how great it is to have feeling in my feet again. I can feel with my feet and my balance is much better than before I started my treatments. Thanks again for helping me with my neuropathy.

John L.  Fairbury, IL

I am an 83-year man with type 2 diabetes. As a result of my diabetes, I have developed Neuropathy in my feet and ankles over the past few years. Most of my discomfort came from the numbness and swelling in my feet. Loss of balance was also becoming a problem. After completing the treatments, I have shown great improvement in all areas. I would not hesitate to recommend the treatments to others with the same problems. Dr. O’Connor and his staff are very considerate and ready to help in any way they can.

Jack M. 

I have experienced problems with neuropathy in my feet for over 8 years.  It started with tingling in my toes and continued to the point that I was reduced to wearing only sandals year round because any other shoes made my toes hurt.  My symptoms progressed to burning in my fee, which made it hard for me to fall asleep at night.  Any time I brought it up to any doctor I was told, “There is medicine for that.”  I didn’t want to go that route so finding Dr. O’Connor and NEUROGENX has been wonderful for me.  I’ve received treatments for 6 weeks and can sleep at night without my feet hurting, and can wear shoes that I had not been able to wear for years.  I also had some numbness.  I couldn’t feel the gas pedal under my foot and couldn’t tell how much pressure I was applying.  That was frightening.  The numbness has gone away and I feel confident that the progression of these debilitating symptoms has been halted.

Sharon M. 

I am a 63-year-old man. I have had Type II Diabetes for about 10 years now. As a result, I have severe neuropathy (loss of sensation and balance) on the bottom of both feet. 
When I first saw the Neurogenx Neuropathy treatment program advertisement in the Bloomington Pantagraph, I set up a consultation with Dr. Scott O’Connor. I flunked (badly) the sensation and balance tests on both feet.
I committed to the Neurogenx program. After each series of treatments, my balance tests continue to improve. It is now funny that, when the bottom of my feet are swabbed prior to the connection of the treatment electrodes, I am actually ticklish on the bottom of both feet!
I am very thankful to the Neurogenx program, Dr. Scott O’Connor, and his dedicated staff. I look forward to years of improved balance.

Eric R.  Normal, Illinois

70 years old from El Paso Illinois. I was diagnosed in 2002 by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota with Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy. My husband took me to Barnes Hospital and I saw many neurologists and they all had the same diagnosis, with the Mayo Clinic being the last place I went. I have had sharp shooting pains in my feet and hands. Sometimes they just hurt so bad all I can do is cry. My feet and hands feel cold all the time and they also are partially numb. I only had 1 treatment and I had fa eeling in both of my feet. Just a small amount by still a little. When I rubbed my hand on my foot it was like a miracle. I felt it! I have had 12 treatments and with each treatment , I have more feeling than the last one. I can even drive now as I can feel the brake and gas pedal. My hands have had 4 treatments and are getting better also. I can even put my earrings on too! I would highly recommend the “Neurogenx Nerve Center” to anyone suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy. They are great! Thank God for this miracle!

Donna S. 

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