2018 Running Shoe List
  • 2018 Running Shoe List

    14 Mar 2018

    Our annual running shoe list recommendations has recently been updated.  Click here to view or download. [embed][/embed]  

  • Premier Bone Health Center

    26 Sep 2017

    Osteoporosis, Bone Health and Fracture Liaison Services all provided on-site by Shannon Laesch, APRN, FLS.  Shannon has been providing management of bone health, fracture healing, fall prevention and bone building services for over 4 years in the Bloomington-Normal area.  She will coordinate the care, imaging, and rehabilitation utilizing the latest...

  • K-Laser

    10 Aug 2017

    Starting out the new year with a painful injury? Not to worry – your resolution to get fit doesn’t have to go by the wayside! Our Class IV K-laser can give your healing and physical therapy a boost so you can get back to your plans faster than you might...

  • Shoe Trivia

    10 Jul 2017

    7 Interesting Shoe Facts Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz were sold for $660,000 Shoes specific to the left and right feet were first developed in 1818 in Philadelphia. Until then, no distinction was made. Sneakers were first created in 1917 in America and branded “Keds”. Some odd...

  • On site Radiographs

    10 Jul 2017

    On site x-rays are a convenient time saver for patients at Premier Podiatry. X-rays are a useful tool to help discover the cause of your pain, to determine the level of trauma during an accident, to monitor post-operative healing, to help pinpoint some foreign bodies, and to monitor the progressive...