Taping Instructions

Taping Instructions
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Taping Instructions

Plantar Fascia Taping Instructions

1st Layer

While on your back or stomach, apply 1” or 2” sports/cloth tape (can spray with tape adhesive prior to taping) starting behind small toe, coursing around back of heel and adhere to inside of arch right behind great toe. Before adhering to great toe, slightly push down on joint behind great toe to increase bowing of arch (note: if you have a high arch—slightly push up to lower arch bow). Repeat with a second layer of tape slightly offset about 1/2 the width of tape.

2nd Layer

2nd Layer
Apply 2” sport tape (cloth) to bottom of foot with pressure up into the arch. Tape should adhere to 1st layer of tape on both sides of the foot. Can leave heel open if choose. Repeat this 3-4 times with each layer offset from the previous about 1/2 the width of the tape until arch is covered. Do not apply under bones in the ball of the foot.

3rd Layer

3nd Layer
Apply another strip of tape as you did in the first layer (one strip only). This will cover the ends of the 2” tape of the second layer on each side of foot to prevent peeling up.


  1. Use 1” tape around front of the foot behind toes to prevent ‘roll up”
  2. Use Candle wax to ‘seal’ layers together.

Can be left in place for up to 5 days if kept dry.

NOTE: The foot should be in ‘neutral position’. i.e. foot in line with the ankle which is in line with the knee.